For the members, friends, fans, and visitors of Genesis:

It is with deep regret, that after almost reaching four years of being present among the Mega Man X Online RPG community, Genesis has finally decided to close its doors. After witnessing the unique characters, interesting personalities, and the overall enthusiasm and participation role players have had here, the group has not only managed to grow in number, but in the way it has grown in itself simply through the interactions of ficticious characters that we have all come together to role play about: Mega Man.

And personally, after seeing this, I believe all of you deserve better than what this small group had to offer.

Genesis was simply trying to accomplish what many fans enjoy doing: to be able to play as our own character based on a game we really like and enjoy. But as many people are aware, time constrains us and limits us as to what we are able to do at most times, and this past year, time was definitely not on the Genesis Administrations' side. Because of that, along with many other reasons, Genesis has finally decided to come to an end.

For everyone that had supported me, the group, the site, and for all the members who contributed, joined, participated, told others about us, I thank you. The admins, the forum mods, and all the visitors of the site, I also would like to thank you. For everyone's beautiful fan art, humorous personalities, and encouragement, I give you thanks. I would like to thank all of you for making this group something that definitely turned out to be fun and our own special way of expressing of our Mega Man X fandom.

Thank you.

First in Command, Genesis Administration